Neuro-therapy with the Phoenix Waveform is your path to faster healing, recovery, and enhanced sports performance.

Advances in technology have led to a new breed of medical-grade neuromodulation electro-stimulators intended for high-performance athletes, coaches, physicians, and therapists.

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The Therastim and ARPwave were my “go-to” modalities for over 16 years with fantastic results. In my office, I have experienced the same, and better, results with the Phoenix Waveform. Everything that I did with those modalities, I have done even better with the Phoenix. Our goal was to develop an effective and more affordable Neurotherapy option, and that is what we did with the Phoenix Waveform. ” -Dr. Jeff Banas

The Phoenix Waveform and Neural Fit Methods are your path to chronic pain relief, enhanced sports performance, faster recovery and healing, and greater muscle activation and recruitment.

Unleash your true potential with the Phoenix Waveform.

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Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy, ARPwave for sale

Take control of your own healthcare!

Neurology-Based Therapy and Training for pain relief and performance enhancement.

Unlimited therapy, neuromuscular training, and recovery whenever you need and as often as you need.

No co-pays. No deductibles. No lease fees. No expensive minutes for usage. No ongoing support or training fees and no commercial licensing fees or affiliate fees.

Training Included

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale


Pain Relief

Enhance Sports Performance

Faster Recovery

Improve Mobility

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Neuromuscular Re-training.

Improve reaction time

Increase muscle fiber activation

Increase recruitment.

Who is the Phoenix Waveform Functional Electrical Stimulation For?

For clinical office and personal home use.

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Physicians, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and Coaches

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Rehabilitation, Injuries and Pain Relief

The Phoenix Waveform Electric Muscle Stimulation: Revolutionizing Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement

In the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness, innovations continue to emerge that redefine the way we approach recovery, pain management, and athletic performance. One such innovation that has garnered attention is the Phoenix Waveform Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). With its unique approach and potential benefits, the Phoenix Waveform is making waves in the field. Let's delve into the details of this cutting-edge technology and its impact on rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Origins and Development

The Phoenix Waveform EMS system was developed by Dr. Jeff Banas, a Chiropractic Sports Physician and Strength Coach, who has been using neuro-therapy devices like the ARPwave and Therastim for over 16 years, and a team of experts at the intersection of sports science, biomechanics, and neurology. Drawing inspiration from traditional EMS principles, this technology takes a step further by incorporating a specialized waveform pattern. The waveform, a crucial component of the Phoenix system, is designed to mimic the body's natural neural patterns, facilitating deeper and more effective muscle contractions.

Understanding the Phoenix Waveform

At the heart of the Phoenix Waveform EMS is its unique waveform pattern. This pattern is carefully engineered to optimize neuromuscular engagement, ensuring that muscle contractions are not only stronger but also more synchronized with the body's inherent neurological pathways. By aligning with the natural communication between the brain and muscles, the Phoenix Waveform aims to elicit a more profound and lasting impact on muscle function.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

One of the primary applications of the Phoenix Waveform EMS is in rehabilitation. Individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries often face challenges in rebuilding muscle strength and mobility. The Phoenix system's waveform, with its ability to engage muscles more effectively, offers a promising solution. By targeting specific muscle groups and promoting optimal neuromuscular patterns, the technology accelerates the recovery process, helping patients regain functionality and range of motion at an accelerated pace.

Performance Enhancement

Beyond rehabilitation, the Phoenix Waveform EMS has found a niche in the realm of sports and athletic performance. Athletes are constantly seeking ways to push their boundaries and optimize their physical capabilities. The unique waveform pattern of the Phoenix system offers a dynamic approach to muscle activation, making it an invaluable tool for enhancing athletic performance. By activating muscles in a synchronized and controlled manner, athletes can experience improved muscle recruitment, power output, and overall performance gains.

Personalized Approach

One of the standout features of the Phoenix Waveform EMS is its adaptability. The technology allows for a personalized approach, catering to the unique needs and goals of each individual. Whether it's a professional athlete looking to fine-tune their performance or someone recovering from an injury, the Phoenix system can be tailored to provide the most effective treatment and training regimen.

Future Implications

As the field of health and wellness continues to advance, the Phoenix Waveform EMS system holds promising implications. Its potential to enhance rehabilitation outcomes, optimize athletic performance, and even contribute to pain management strategies signifies a new era in electric muscle stimulation. With ongoing research and exploration, the technology's impact is likely to expand, benefiting a diverse range of individuals seeking to improve their quality of life.

Waveform Shape

While Russian sine wave stimulation laid the foundation for effective muscle training, the evolution towards square wave currents (like the Phoenix Waveform) has allowed for greater flexibility, comfort, and optimization in neuromuscular electrical stimulation (EMS) techniques. This advancement aligns more closely with the nuanced needs of athletes and individuals seeking targeted and efficient muscle activation and development.

With the Phoenix Waveform, we made a few changes and improvements to the waveform. We changed the shape of the waveform from a sine wave to a more efficient square wave. Sine waves are very crude, therefore to obtain some result they have to crank it up to a point where you feel a lot of pins and needles.

Our waveform (square) is also cleaner, and more efficient, and by virtue of the fact that it is generated with square wavefronts, so it is not necessary to turn the intensity as high as you can. In other words, a square wave gets more bang for the buck than a sine wave.


The Phoenix Waveform Electric Muscle Stimulation is a testament to the power of innovation in shaping the future of healthcare and fitness. By introducing a waveform pattern that aligns with the body's natural neuromuscular communication, the Phoenix system offers a unique and effective approach to rehabilitation and performance enhancement. As its applications continue to evolve and its benefits become more widely recognized, the Phoenix Waveform EMS has the potential to transform the way we approach recovery, training, and overall well-being.

The Phoenix Waveform is a square wave with a carrier at 10 kHz, and zero net charges but tweaked to have a DC component; it is coupled with a low-frequency waveform at 500 Hz and 500 µs of pulse width positive and 500 µs negative and options at 300µs pulse width positive and 300 µs negative.  Electron flow is reversible.

Under physiological conditions, a neuron's maximum firing rate (typically 500 Hz) is dictated by the type, density, and distribution of ion channels across the neural membrane.

Our HUNT Program runs at 500 HZ (contractions per second) which closely mimics the firing rate of human neurons, so the body responds well to this frequency.

The Phoenix causes deep muscle contraction but still allows a full active range of motion. Eccentric training, strong muscle contractions by the Phoenix then lengthening the muscles through specific mobility protocols are integral to the Phoenix recovery and training protocols.

From an amp (amperes) point of view and from a waveform shape point of view, this waveform is one of the most powerful EMS units out there.

Neuromuscular re-training enhances the brain-muscle connection.

Our technology and the Neuro Fit Training Methods re-educate and enhance the neuromuscular connection. In order for a muscle to contract, it must first receive a message from the nervous system to contract. When there is a disruption in this signal harmful compensation patterns can occur that cause pain and limit activity.

The Phoenix runs up to 500 HZ (pulses per second) which is similar to neural firing rates.

If you train your nervous system, you will likely have less pain, a better range of motion, and improvement and enhance your daily function.

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Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Find and treat hot spots that cause pain, dysfunction, and limit your performance.

Where you are experiencing pain is not always where the true problems are.

Our “Hunting Technique” is a procedure where the electrode is moved around the body while the stimulation is on. This helps us find hot spots or areas of dysfunction that are commonly affecting an injury or pain.

These hot spots are often not located where the pain is. Failure to treat these areas often leads to a return of symptoms. Finding and treating hot spots is essential to pain relief and injury recovery.

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Pain Relief for chronic pain and injuries

A water or bucket treatment for chronic pain relief and inflammation reduction using the Phoenix Waveform current.

In addition to the Phoenix currents, our units also contain Frequency Specific Microcurrent for pain relief, increase ATP, healing, and inflammation.

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Eccentric training is the lengthening of muscles while the muscle is contracting, which is extremely helpful for mobility, flexibility, and strength training.

Left: With the Neural Fit MethodsA dramatic increase in range of motion (toe touch) within just a few minutes in a Cerebral Palsy patient.

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Affordable & teachable technology and methods with unlimited support to get you where you need to be.

Until now, the price for a neuromodulation device such as this was extremely expensive and therefore unfortunately unattainable for many. Our goal was to provide an effective and affordable device for people suffering from chronic pain, CRPS, and neurological conditions. We have no commercial fees, no ongoing support fees or affiliate fees, and no minutes to buy. You own the unit. Training and ongoing support are provided.

Training courses and unlimited personal support with Dr. Banas are included with your purchase.

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

The Neural Fit Training, treatment methods, and protocols included:

  • History of Neuro-Therapy: Therastim and ARPwave
  • The superiority of a square wave and the Phoenix Waveform
  • Hunt and Release with the Phoenix Waveform
  • Neuromuscular Stretching and Mobility
  • Neural Re-set Technique
  • Neural Warm Up
  • Muscle Activation Techniques
  • Prepare the Body to Absorb the Force
  • Mobility and Muscle Loosening
  • Neurobiomechanical Rehabilitation
  • Identifying and correcting muscle compensation
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Restore and enhance brain, muscle, and joint communication  
  • Methods to reduce and treat muscle weakness and atrophy
  • Chronic Pain Relief
  • Sports and Athletic Performance Enhancement 
  • Neuro Recovery Techniques
  • Microcurrents applications
  • Grounding applications to enhance healing and reduce pain
  • Nutrition and supplements for healing, performance, and pain relief

We will teach you the techniques, applications, and methods for both personal home use f

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Improved and more efficient waveform for better results.