“A little background on me: retired 74-year-old, physically active with weights and playing basketball.  I work a part-time job that requires physical exertion.”

“Over the years I have had a lot of nagging injuries that would go away and then come back.  Since using the Phoenix Wave most I have seen improvement in almost all of the discomfort.  The tennis elbow has decreased significantly.  I have avoided surgery for a pinched ulnar nerve.  With taking the supplements recommended and using the Phoenix Wave, I am seeing a decrease in the intermittent pain associated with only 20% cartilage of the knee medial meniscus left.”

“I would wholeheartedly recommend the Phoenix Wave to anyone who has chronic injuries and anyone who is recovering from torn muscles and/or ligaments, not to mention any strain or sprain.” – JC

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

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 “NXT Superstar Riddick Moss has made a full recovery following a torn Achilles heel. The injury was expected to take approximately 8 months to completely heal, but Moss has returned after only 5 months. In a tweet, Moss claimed it is, “faster than any athlete from any sport ever.” 

“My friend that has been on crutches for 3 months with bone marrow edema in her hip with failed PT and acupuncture and no hope or options did 2 treatments in one day and got 70% better overall! It’s been a Godsend!” -Kyle, Athletic Trainer at www.RapidHealTherapy.com

A dramatic increase in range of motion in a cerebral palsy patient after just a few minutes of mobility work with the Phoenix Waveform.

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

“I appreciate all the technology, it has helped me a lot. I don’t use my Therastim much anymore now.” -Dr. JK, Chiropractic Physician

 “The Therastim has been my go to modality for about 15 years. Everything I was able to do with the Therastim I can do with the Phoenix. It is like an upgraded Therastim.” – Dr. Jeff Banas

 I enjoy walking for both exercise and to keep my weight down, I do like to eat a lot sometimes. I had injured my knee a number of years ago and had been told I would need surgery. My knee had gotten painful enough lately that I was starting to check into Orthopedic Surgeons and had cut way back on my walking. My wife heard of Merl’s treatment and tried it for a hip problem, it seemed to help her but I still looked at it as a hocus pocus stuff. I finally decided to try it before visiting a Doctor, so glad I did. After 3 treatments my knee is pain free and I have better movement than I have had in over 5 years. Lindsay – Boquete, Panama – Knee Pain  (From: PHOENIX WAVE BOQUETE, Haven Spa – Bajo Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama)

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Therastim, ARPwave, Neubie, Phoenix Waveform, Neurotherapy,  ARPwave for sale

Jason (cerebral Palsy) set a new US record in the shot put in the paralympic trials. While using the Phoenix Waveform mobility and strength protocols

Hip Replacement  

After undergoing a recent, full hip replacement of the right hip I was having difficulty with range of motion, swelling, and pain. Although I was doing physical therapy the results were very slow. As I worked on recovering from surgery and getting back to “normalcy” some of the physical therapy exercises caused stress to my right knee.

Consequently, I had to limit the amount of physical therapy for my hip, and start physical therapy for my knee as well. The knee problem was a major setback for the recovery of my right hip. I was afraid that I had hurt my knee to the point where I would need knee surgery. The knee pain and the hip pain were awful. They limited my ability to get around or stand. I had difficulty going up and down the stairs, and getting in and out of the car.

A young man that works at the Haven Spa suggested that I try this new therapy called Phoenix Wave therapy that uses electrical current to stimulate the muscles and perhaps I could get some relief. I was skeptical, a total non-believer, but I was in pain and stressed about perhaps knee surgery after a hip replacement.

So, I took a shot at it. After meeting Merl and getting through the preliminaries he introduced me to the Phoenix Wave machine and went right into the first treatment, treating the piriformis muscle, for my right hip, forty minutes later I was, for the first time since surgery, without pain and had much more range of motion and ease of mobility.

I had two more sessions in the weeks to come and then we focused on the right knee. I had two separate sessions for my right knee, with one session which was part in the office and part on the exercise machine and the Phoenix Wave machine working together, this was the turning point for my knee.

I am here to tell you that my right knee has recovered and the only thing we have done to it is the Phoenix Wave therapy. My right hip and my right knee are in very good shape and the pain is gone. I am now able to go up and down the stairs with ease and using alternating steps, can get in and out of the car with no problems at all. I just purchased a bicycle and will start a new phase in my life by cycling since running is out of the question. The Phoenix Wave therapy has been a total game-changer for me so far.

Thank you Merl for all your help and support!  Luis – Boquete, Panama – (From: PHOENIX WAVE BOQUETE, Haven Spa – Bajo Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama)