Neuro Re-Set and Recovery

Phoenix Waveform, Neubie, ARPwave, Neuro Re-set

The purpose of the Neuro Re-Set and Recovery is to being your nervous system into a state where it can recovery and heal. This is where your hard work pays off and the positive gains are made. All the days of training and exercise breakdown your body and your body heal and builds during the rest time.


Your nervous system is made up of two parts. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems have opposite roles. Your sympathetic nervous system puts your body’s systems on alert (flight or fight) and your parasympathetic nervous system carries signals that calm and relax your body. The two systems work together to keep your body in balance.


Many people are in a constant state of sympathetic dominance. This means people are in a fight or flight response. This can be due to many things sure as, pain, stress and health issues. The purpose of the Neuro Re-Set and Recovery is to “bring you down”. To bring you out of the fight or flight sympathetic state and into a more calming and relaxing parasympathetic state where your body can recovery and heal.


This is best done before you would like to nap or go to sleep. If you are feeling stressed out, this would be another time to do this. In addition to having the Phoenix Waveform on you, it is also best to attach the grounding attachment to your body as well.  


Research over the last decade has demonstrated that grounding studies have documented results including reduced inflammation and pain better sleep, improved response to trauma and injuries with accelerated wound healing, improved blood flow , and reduced blood viscosity 

Grounding Pad Placement:

Wrap on end of the grounding attachment onto your

leg and then plug the other end into the ground in the

wall. You will not feel anything.

Phoenix Waveform, Neubie, ARPwave, Treating Neuropathy

Phoenix Pad Placement:

Neg Just below the hair line in the suboccipital area.

Just lateral to the spinous processes of the spine

(the bumps of the spine)

Phoenix Waveform, Neubie, ARPwave, Neuro Re-set

POS on the bottom of the foot on

acupuncture Kidney 1 on the bottom of the foot.


Kidney 1 is an AMAZINGLY powerful point that brings

a SURGE of life force energy.


Do this on both sides of the body.

Phoenix Waveform, Neubie, ARPwave, Neuro Re-set


You can run a few different programs for the Re-Set and Recovery.

Phoenix Hunt 500HZ or Microcurrent Restore ATP.

For the Phoenix Hunt, just turn up the intensity until “First Sensation”. This means you only want a very slight sensation felt. Not strong contractions.

On the Microcurrent Restore ATP you use the gray cable leads and you will not feel anything since microcurrent is below the sensation people feel.

It is OK if the electrode pads is a little on the side of your neck since we are using very low stimulation intensity with the HUNT and Microcurrents.