Remote Training and Rental

Unlimited training and rehab from the comfort of your own home with full doctor supervision.

We're not a cookie-cutter rehab program that gives everyone the same therapy and exercises. Instead, our team takes a tailored goal-driven approach to health, fitness, and sports performance, so you can heal your body, and improve your health, fitness, and athletic performance in the most effective way for YOU. 

You will work one-on-one with Dr. Jeff Banas and have unlimited access to him whenever you needed.

Imagine, daily therapy on your schedule in the comfort of your own home.


Elite: $1200.00 Deposit $650 a month

PRO: $1000.00 Deposit $600 a month

Deposit and monthly rental will be applied to the purchase of the unit if purchased within the first 30 days. 

Therastim ARPwave Neubie Phoenix Waveform Neurotherapy

How the remote training/rehab works:

1) Schedule a Skype or phone consultation.

Here you discuss your specific conditions, past history, past treatments, any lab tests, MRI or X-ray results you may have, your specific goals, what you are hoping to achieve, and concerns you may have.

2) We will send you a Phoenix Waveform.

This will include electrode pads, a grounding accessory, and everything you need to use the Phoenix for your condition.

3) Phoenix Waveform Therapy Consultation.

Once you receive your Phoenix Waveform you will schedule a second consultation with Dr. Banas. Here you will receive instructions on how you use the Phoenix for your specific condition and goals. You will actually begin your home therapy sessions on this visit. It is typical for patients to begin with the HUNT Protocol to seek out dysfunction, and trigger points, and determine the true origin of their pain.

This technique will be fully explained and you will be instructed where to place the electrode pads, which setting to use, and the specific exercises or movements you should be doing.

Here you will also receive recommendations on nutrition supplementation, sleep, grounding, and other cutting-edge therapies you can do at home to speed your recovery or enhance your athletic performance.

A therapy plan, what programs to use, pad placement, how often to use the Phoenix, and how strong of settings will be laid out specifically for you and your condition.

4) Follow-up remote sessions will then also be scheduled to monitor your progress.

Even though follow-up remote sessions will be scheduled, you can contact Dr. Banas at any time needed with any questions you may have about your therapy.

Cost of the remote therapy and training: $600-$650 a month which includes a Phoenix Waveform. There is a $1000 or $1200 deposit for the Phoenix depending on which model is used. When your therapy is finished, you will return the Phoenix to us and your deposit will be refunded.

Imagine, daily therapy on your own schedule in the comfort of your own home.


Call or text Dr. Banas at 480-201-5694


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